I love writing and performing my songs and because you're so awesome I wanted to offer you a discounted full copy of my new EP 'Stairway to the Moon' for $3.99 (digital MP3)

Purchase Julia Rose's new EP 'Stairway to the Moon'
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Julia Rose's second EP ‘Stairway to the Moon’ is an enchantingly heart-warming offering of songs delivered in her own energetic style of contemporary Pop/Folk-infused Australiana. High energy music that takes you on a spellbinding lyrical, rhythmic and melodic journey, this dynamic singer/songwriter is establishing herself as one of Queensland’s most exciting musicians. Julia spent most of 2012-13 touring live with her band across Australia and Japan. The EP reached #1 on the Airit radio charts and her music video 'Melbourne Town' received airplay on Rage and Channel V plus winning Music Video of the year at the Australian Dolphin Awards.

"Stairway to the Moon is a great sophomore release for Julia Rose. It's full of everything you love her for - harmonies, great driving tracks and simply excellent song-writing."

Davina Jones, 4ZzZfm, Brisbane