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“With insightful songs and warm, resonant vocals and harmonies, Julia Rose is always a joy to listen to”
Kandy McCouat, The Questing Couch

Julia Rose is gifted with a captivating and commanding stage presence. Delicate acoustic guitar arrangements interspersed with blisteringly dexterous phat bass lines weaving between the softest of melodies and the soaring operatic vocals of her 3-octave range. Julia can silence a room and hold her audience’s unwavering attention until the final note. As a seasoned performer and accomplished musician, Julia Rose's charismatic and honest delivery allows for an intimate and dazzling live show.

“Love that Voice, no doubt about it”

Therase Burke, 101.3FM Noosa Radio

“Julia Rose's new EP is a mix of folky soulful music that envelops you with every note, she is definitely a star on the rise.”

E. Wheatley, CEO Bandtag.

"Stairway to the Moon is a great sophomore release for Julia Rose. It's full of everything you love her for - harmonies, great driving tracks and simply excellent song-writing."

Davina Jones, 4ZzZfm, Brisbane